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A new puppy can be quite stressful, like having a new baby, only your pup is already a toddler, weaned and ready to potty train. The first few weeks of your pups introduction to your home can bring up all sorts of questions as you realise how much you don't know.

  Critical socialisation needs to happen between 7-12 weeks.

I cover all of 'what is socialisation and why is it so important?' I give you the Top Socialisation Tips for pups,

Crate or Cage training, do's and dont's. How to fast track house training, learn the best house training techniques

Learn the quickest techniques to Prevent Biting, Mouthing and jumping up.

 What is the best puppy Food, my guide to puppy feeding helps to keep things simple and healthy and prevents lots of unwanted behaviours

Prevent your puppy Chewing, set off in the right direction for the best Treats and things to chew.

Keeping Your pup entertained. Learn how to work your puppy's brain so your pup isn't  bored and naughty.

Pup not  listening to you?   Learn how to get your Pup's respect and attention

Also covered

How to get my pup used to the lead - learn how to lead train your pup

How to get the best out of pups and kids, learn the best way to mix your puppy and children

Any other questions about your pup? Just ask as no question is a silly question.

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Book an appointment for one on on home training for you and your pup or ask a question, call the number above or email me, click on the button. Please note I don't run classes.

Asplands Border Terrier puppy
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