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Dog Training Made Simple | In Home Training For You and Your Dog



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Welcome to Dog Training Made Simple, We would all love to have a well behaved furry family member that's a joy to have at home and to be able to take anywhere, If that's not happening  then call me, my name is Janet Sykes I'm a Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

I provide an in home one on one canine behaviour training service, I'm a highly experienced dog trainer and canine behaviourist.

I've over 43 years experience in the world of dogs including obedience, working trials, protection, agility showing, breeding and working with rescue dogs.

I'm here to teach you, using my professsional NLP coaching skills, how to interact with your dog in a way it understands that's easy for you to do.


Together we can build a better relationship between you and your dog, problems don't go away with time, your dog just gets better at it with practice. So instead of going online and getting unqualifed opinions or listening to friends and relatives who mean well, get some real help and I promise I'll make it simple for you.

Get Help Now for Any Problem Dog behaviour, for Any Dog of Any Age. Experienced Professional Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviourist.

Qualified Behaviour Coaching for Dog and Owner.

Call or text me Now  07811 454 602

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