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Dog Behaviour Training Services | Dog Training Made Simple

If you are familiar with TV shows such as "it's me or the Dog" and can see behavioural issues in your own dog or dogs that have been highlighted in these shows then I can help you. Although the saying goes that "a dog is a man's best friend"  the fact is that if you have a dog in your household then they are a part of your family and as such you are in a relationship with them. As we know relationships can and do go wrong.


The services I offer tackle negative dog behaviour to balance that relationship putting you in a loving, though assertive, position.  

I offer in home dog behaviour services for any problem with any dog of any age. I must stress that the services I offer are not designed to add tricks or basic obedience routines to your canines repertoire but to highlight what issues cause negative behaviour and working out a resolution to any issues found through an in depth assessment.


At Dog Training Made Simple, I provide;


Home Behavioural Assessments - It's essential to have a full home assessment for any dog that's displaying behavioural issues. This is suitable for all dogs aged 7 weeks or over and can be booked at a time that is suitable for you. The assessment is to look at the dogs behaviours you want correcting, and the reasons behind the behaviour in the first place to work out a resolution


Dog Owner Guide to a happy home - As a starter package I can provide advice and guidance for new and soon to be dog owners, I provide Guidance on House training, Feeding schedules and Socialisation. The idea being that you have the knowledge to influence your dogs behaviour as your dog develops.


One To One dog behaviour training - I provide training on a one on one basis to allow the best results and influence on the dog in question. Having too many dogs in one training session can cause behavioural changes that can slow progress. training several dogs from one household is possible at separate appointments.


Expert Witness Assessments, Statements and Court appearances for court cases involving the Dangerous Dogs Act and any other court appearances due to your dog's behaviour.


How to Training for hyperactive dogs. See assessment above


Dog Walk and training - Providing real life training during your usual walks to provide immediate guidance on how to deal with problem behaviour on your dogs own territory.


Follow up appointments - to check in on past clients and reaffirm training to ensure long standing results.


Text email and phone support is included in the price of an appointment.

  07811 454 602

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