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Thank you janet for seeing Daisy so quickly, I can already see an improvement and no wake up in the night for a wee!

Tracy and Daisy - Romiley.


Hi Janet, Nell is doing great, I can't believe the change in her.  Rosie - Mottram.


Hi Janet, it's been a week since you came to see Marley, since changing his food and introducing him to other dogs he's a different dog altogether, we can even let him off lead and he comes back when called. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you.  Marie - Ashton-U-Lyne.


Dogs are loving their new diet, many thanks. Suzanne - Crewe


Hi Janet, everything is going much better, we've started classes now too, thanks for last week. It helped us a lot!  Lauren - Stockport


Thank you for today, it's been brilliant really opened our eyes, the few things we've started to put into place are working already.  Rebbecca - Chinley


Did you swap a different dog for ours when we weren't looking? There has been no biting!!!! Thank You!!! X

(24 hours later.)

We still cannot believe the difference in a few hours. She stayed downstairs last night for the first time! Today she has been the perfect cute puppy. A visitor came today and she went a little bit crazy but nothing like before, she soon stopped. Do you have magical powers?! XX  Katy- Stretford, Manchester.


Fabulous to meet you today, Thanks so much, I'm feeling positive and Charlie's coping well with the changes so far. Melinda - Lytham St Annes


Thank You so much for coming I really appreciate it, what you have said has worked so far, an afternoon free from being bitten. Maria - Padfield





below are some of my customers feedback comments, all of them had a 2 hour assessment and started the behavioural re-training on the same appointment.


For more reviews find me on Google Hyde Mottram area. Facebook or Yell

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