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Hyperactive Pups and Dogs | Dog Training Made Simple

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There are a few reasons for hyperactivity in pups (and older dogs

Hyperactivity from food - just like kids, dogs can be affected by food


Boredom - Possibly being left on their own too long or just an intelligent dog that needs mental stimualtion, being kept in during it's critical socialisation period for a puppy can result in a hyper pup.


Lack of Exercise - Being afraid to let your dog off lead can result in a hyper dog.

Constantly being on lead is boring and the wrong kind of exercise to tire your dog.


Overstimulation - Pups need to rest and sleep, a busy household with young children (or adults) that never

leave the pup alone can lead to hyperactivity.


A combination of some or all of the above reasons.


Whatever the reason, call me asap



he's got horns

Is your dog difficult to deal with, not listening to you, won't do what you want? Been to classes, read books, watched DVD's, took everyone's advice and nothing seems to work? Is having your dog no longer a pleasure? Are you exhausted trying to keep up with their behavior? If so they may be hyperactive.

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