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I'm happy for you to believe that your dog is your child, so what if it's got fur,  the way I work with you and your dog is different from any other trainer and because of those differences I get great results for you.


I work with the family dynamic including the dog as one of the family, not something 'other' as vets, trainers and other experts would have you believe.


My training in NLP life coaching, Psychology,  EFT (emotional freedon technique) and Hypnotherapy along with a lifetime of training, rehoming, breeding and showing dogs helps me understand what is going on and then be able to help everyone move forward to a relaxed confident relationship with your dog or pup.


It's not your fault if your dog is a problem, they don't come with a unique instruction booklet specific to your dog.


I will be kind and at the same time assertive with your dog or pup using techniques based on child behavioural modification, a lot of my customers have given me the nickname ' Dog Supernanny'.


I do my best to make the experience enlightening, inspiring and confidence building giving you new skills or enlisting life skills you already have, to be applied quickly and easily giving amazing results in a very short space of time.


So what are you waiting for? Let's get started now.


Phone or text 07811 454 602


Choose a Canine Life Coach who changes people, dogs and behaviour.





Janet Sykes MBIPDT

About Me | Dog Training Made Simple  

      07811 454602

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